About Elzinga Cargo Facilities

About Elzinga Cargo Facilities

Cargo Facilities specialises in bulk handling. Our experienced, certified operators tranship 9 million tons annually. They do so at locations throughout the Netherlands and Germany, using our mobile material handlers. We also offer additional services such as depot management, supply and transport.

Elzinga Cargo Facilities is part of the Elzinga Group.

Bulk handling with Elzinga Cargo Facilities

Bulk transhipment is one of Elzinga Cargo Facilities’ specialisms. We do this often, throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Selecting Elzinga Cargo Facilities means opting for superior quality at the very best price. This makes perfect sense, as we have been a dependable partner to our clients for many years. In part due to the reliability of our cranes, but of course it is our people who make all the difference. After all, they are the ones who do the work.

Elzinga Cargo Facilities’ additional services

Over the years, we have added other services to bulk transhipment. We have expanded our services to offer our clients an improved service. We now also provide storage management, ship and factory provisioning, and even provide the transport for some of our clients. This is an excellent facility for our clients, as together with these services we provide exceptional quality; safety, security and reliability.

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