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With the right equipment, but above all with the right people, we aim for the best quality, the best price and the best projects. Day in, day out and year after year. Not for ourselves, for our clients. We always like to go that extra mile.

You will find some of our clients’ experiences here. We might mention that we are particularly client friendly, deliver outstanding quality and stand for reliability and safety. However it is always better to hear it from someone else.

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  • Abel Koster
    Abel Koster RWE Essent

    We are very satisfied with the intensive collaboration with the Elzinga Group. We have worked together since the very beginning at the RWE coal-fired power plant in Eemshaven.

    The Elzinga Group people are exceptionally involved, and we actually think of them as our own people. We work together in different fields as far as service provision is concerned: Annually the Elzinga Groep unloads approximately 2.5 million tonnes of coal for us, but also handles transport of the residual products and all logistics involved in it. The people are flexible and pro-active. And they respond very adequately if equipment occasionally malfunctions, for example.

    It was a bit of an adventure in the beginning, but we are totally ready for the future now. And there is much yet to come!

  • Kees van Wanrooij
    Kees van Wanrooij Wijnne Barends

    From the first moment I started working at Wijnne Barends, I have been collaborating with Elzinga Cargo Facilities. That’s sixteen years ago now. They load and unload sawn timber, bulk wood, painted and glued wood, alternative fuels, coal, subcoal pellets or big bags from our ships at four locations (three in Delfzijl and one in Eemshaven).

    Efficiency is a must in our trade. And Elzinga understands that very well. We constantly work together on being faster and more efficient, on eliminating errors, and especially on identifying what can be improved. Never, however, at the expense of quality or safety. For example, Elzinga’s Sennebogen cranes are always operated by experienced operators. Thus we work fast and safely for people and materials.

    Elzinga Cargo is growing. The competent people who work for Elzinga and the reliable coordination and planning are the reasons our cooperation is always pleasant. We are a satisfied client.

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