Elzinga and sustainability

A very natural thing

Making sustainable choices in our operational management is a very natural thing at the Elzinga Group. We’ve been doing it for years. We are always looking to see which choices, behavioural changes or modifications deliver the lowest possible environmental impact. We will be pleased to tell you about some of the sustainable choices which are a matter of course for us.

You can find detailed information about our carbon footprint and our emissions inventory here.


Since 2014, the Elzinga Group has been CO2 certified at level 3. This means we know exactly what emissions we produce and we are able to use that knowledge to target the lowest possible emissions. We do so actively.

Effectively targeting low emissions

For example, we consciously choose fuel-efficient engines that use less fuel. We like to take a lead in this. But our measures go further than that: we also seek to limit indirect emissions of CO2. For example by taking extra care in checking and maintaining our tyres. That way, they wear out less quickly and we don’t need to fit new ones as often.

Biodegradable engine oil

We have been using biodegradable engine oil for our machines since 1990. On the one hand, we do so in order to limit the risk of environmental damage in the unlikely event that a leak should occur at the waterside. The oil we use causes no lasting damage in such cases. On the other hand we do so because it is more sustainable in the long run: a litre of this type of oil lasts us much longer. Which means we have to buy oil less often,  and save both oil and money.

Sustainable choices in machines

Our conscious choices are not limited to fuel; they also extend to our equipment purchases. Next year, we will take delivery of the first machine that regenerates its own energy. You can’t get much more sustainable than that. We are very interested to see how it works in practice.

We always choose the most sustainable when it comes to most other equipment, too. And we modify existing machines so that they emit less and last longer, for example by implementing a start-stop system which automatically turns off cranes after 2 minutes of inactivity. That also cuts emissions and means machines don’t need to be replaced as often. Every day, we are looking for opportunities to work in an even more economical and environmentally-friendly way.

Green electricity and innovative heating system

Elzinga Group naturally uses green electricity in all of its company buildings. In addition, when building the new office we opted for an innovative and extra economical heating system. The system both cools and heats, but the main benefit is that its output is as high as 400%.

GMP Certification

The Elzinga Group was awarded GMP certification. This is a certificate awarded to companies that meet the quality standards for working with (residual) products in the animal feed sector. The certificate takes account of the employees’ qualifications, the administration concerning working practices, safety regulations and quality safeguards, for example, as well as measures for protecting the environment. This provides an appropriate fit with our sustainable character. This certification means we are also included in the product board’s public register.

Questions about our sustainability measures? Feel free to contact us.

Making sustainable choices is a very natural thing at the Elzinga Group. We will be pleased to tell you about some of the sustainable choices which are a matter of course for us.