Our people

We have some excellent people working for us. You will find a hard worker behind every machine or desk at every location. Quality and safety are key, as is taking pride and pleasure in the job. Elzinga Group has over 80 employees who do their utmost every day to deliver premier quality at the best price across some superb projects. Day in, day out and year after year.

Every employee has one distinct aim: delivering the very best for the benefit of our clients. However complex the issue, we always find a solution.

We would like to introduce you to the Cargo Facilities people.

  • Erwin Elzinga

    Erwin Elzinga

    Logistics coordinator

    As head of the planning department there is never a dull moment in Erwin’s days. His tasks at Elzinga Cargo include handling the schedule of the transfer activities and transport. His phone never stops ringing, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Because good telephone accessibility and excellent service are important to Erwin and all his colleagues.

    As well as taking care of the planning, Erwin also manages the maintenance of the Cargo Facilities' machinery, ensuring that all our equipment always operates in the safest and most sustainable manner possible. Erwin is also a member of the Elzinga Group's Management Team.
    The perfect day for Erwin? When everything goes the way it should, despite the challenges and complex issues. It’s hard work, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Klaas Mulder

    Klaas Mulder

    Logistics coordinator

    From administration to work preparation and from planning to permits: Klaas takes care of it. He’s like a spider in the planning department web, we might say. Every day is different, and Klaas wants to keep it that way. The day is not done until everything is neatly finished and taken care of. In Klaas’ case that also applies to everything that has to do with sustainability at the Elzinga Group. He is not only responsible for this, but also for making the activities of the Elzinga Group ever more sustainable. The following also apply to Klaas: never a dull moment and client satisfaction comes first.
    Klaas has been working for the Elzinga Group since 1997 and knows the work ‘in the field’ like the back of his hand. This helps him tremendously in his current job.

  • Gertine Huizinga

    Gertine Huizinga

    Planning and administration staff member

    Gertine is everyone’s cheery right hand at the planning department . She answers the telephone, handles the schedule, assists Evert in the Eemshaven, knows enough about all the machines to answer questions, handles the majority of the administration and invoicing of Elzinga Cargo and takes over all manner of tasks from her colleagues when necessary.

  • Eke Elzinga

    Eke Elzinga

    Managing director

    Eke Elzinga is the managing director and co-shareholder of the Elzinga Group. The family business goes way back and has grown rapidly these past few years. To Eke this means every day brings new challenges, especially given the composition of the company. ‘We actually do have a remarkable combination of tasks. Metal, earth moving, our cargo facilities, transport, and so much more. Still, I wouldn’t want it any other way: every element reinforces the other business activities, and above all it means that every day is different.

    Despite the enormous arsenal of equipment the Elzinga Group has, Eke still does not regard that as the most important element of the Group: ‘Our people are our most valuable “asset.” Even though of course they do not belong to us. All of our employees are exceptionally involved in the company, with one another and with our clients. They ultimately make the difference. Which is a good thing.’